The Complete History of the Royal New Zealand Navy Abridged

Auckland Live Presents

Fri Sep 16th 2016 to Sat Sep 17th 2016 at 19:00 until 20:30
Auckland, #1 The Promenade, Auckland, Takapuna Beach

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The Complete History of the Royal New Zealand Navy navigates its way around the world’s oceans through song, satire and silliness. Naval history has never been so much fun!

This hilarious deconstruction of nearly 250 years of history brings to life the turbulent past of the Royal New Zealand Navy, steering the audience safely through the bumpy waters of world wars, nuclear testing and piracy to the calm shore of the present day.

This fast-paced naval romp through the decades is directed by New Zealand theatre icon and part-time Naval Lieutenant Commander Mark Hadlow, and written by and starring the celebrated playwright Gregory Cooper (That Bloody Woman, MAMIL).

Family-friendly and sure to appeal to history and theatre buffs alike – hold on to your senses, it’s going to be one choppy ride!

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