New Zealand Airports

New Zealand Airports – The Basics

New Zealand has a number of international and domestic airports. Auckland airport handles the largest number of international arrivals and departures. The other airports managing international flights are Wellington and Christchurch. In addition to domestic flights, Dunedin, Hamilton and Queenstown offer flights from several Australian cities. We've included specific information on our Auckland Airport, Wellington Airport and Christchurch Airport sections.
Many visitors fly into Auckland at the beginning of their trip and depart from Christchurch at the end, preferring other means of transport to see the sights. However, short trips requiring internal flights still offer good value.
Airport Flights
Auckland International & Domestic
Wellington International & Domestic
Christchurch International & Domestic
Queenstown Domestic & Australia
Hamilton Domestic & Australia
Dunedin Domestic & Australia
Rotorua Domestic & Australia


New Zealand Airlines

The biggest domestic operator is Air New Zealand, providing flights from the main airport centres and a variety of about 25 minor ones. The next biggest player is Qantas, which serves Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua and Queenstown.  The three primary domestic airlines in New Zealand are Air New Zealand, Jetstar and Pacific Blue. 
Domestic Airline Telephone
Air New Zealand 0800 737 000 (Freephone within NZ)
Jet Star 0800 800 995 (Freephone within NZ)
Pacific Blue 0800 67 0000 (Freephone within NZ)


Airport Transfers

All the international and most domestic airports offer shuttle services. A cost effective alternative to a taxi, you’ll share a mini bus with other travellers, stopping off at requested accommodation and areas within the central business district of your destination. Many transport companies are flexible and can take you to a private address.
An airport shuttle is generally cheaper than taking a taxi if you’re on your own or travelling with just one other person. Once you’ve paid the full fare of the first person, a second person in your group will usually pay an extra $5. However you can expect a longer journey, because the shuttle may make a number of stops along the way. When you book your shuttle ride, ensure that the company is aware of your check-in time. If you’re looking for an even cheaper option for airport transfers, check out the local bus services.
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