Recruitment in Auckland

Being such a popular tourist destination, Recruitment in Auckland is an expanding business. Whether you're after a summer job, or something more permanent, there are plenty of companies waiting to help you.

Auckland Recruitment doesn't just revolve around the tourist industry. Whilst there are obviously seasonal opportunities for young people and skilled people, the city is growing at an incredible rate. Big businesses are expanding their operations to include Auckland, and the City of Sails never gets tired of opening new bars and restaurants on an almost weekly basis. In the summer months, there is a lot of work to be had in the vineyards of Waiheke Island and Keumu, as well as the hundreds of bars, theatres, eateries and attractions. If you have skills such as swimming, sailing, even singing, you'll find plenty of opportunities to work through your stay. Auckland has many recruitment agencies specialising in both temporary and more permanent, vocational work. It's also worth checking out Auckland University's website, which often has several vacancies for campus recruitment.