New Zealand Campervan Hire

Renting a campervan or motorhome in New Zealand is a popular way to tour the country.  The majority are hired for a few weeks by tourists, who will drive around the sights while staying overnight in campsites. 

A small campervan is generally suitable for two adults and comes with a fold-down bed and compact kitchen.  With lower costs than larger models, they remain popular with backpackers who are prepared to put up with the cramped conditions.  Larger models sleep four or more and often have a shower and toilet.

There is typically a minimum rental period of 5 to 7 days that should include unlimited kilometres, a kitchen kit and sometimes an airport transfer.  Basic insurance cover is often included but you may be liable for the first $1000 - $5000 so it's worth taking out additional cover to reduce this liability.  Most companies have a supply of tents, camping kits, outdoor chairs and tables that can be rented for a few extra dollars. 

You do not need a special licence to drive a campervan, just awareness that with the extra height, caution is needed when driving in strong winds, climbing hills and going around tight corners

One Way Rentals

Are you considering picking up your campervan in Auckland and dropping it off in Wellington?  You will find that you may need to pay a one-way rental fee with some New Zealand campervan rental operators, while it's free with others.  


In order to cover the costs of any damage to your campervan, a bond will need to be paid at the start of the rental period.  A word of caution though - most rental operators will deduct the amount from your credit card, so make sure you check your card limit!  Your bond is refunded at the end of your trip, but you'll have to accept the exchange rate in play at the time of refund.

Overnight camping

All the top campsites have toilets and showers, and usually well equipped kitchens but it's worth checking if they are free to use.  When you are staying in national park campsites expect very basic facilities.  For this reason, it's worth hiring a campervan that has its own shower and toilet.  All you need to do is empty the waste storage tank when you are next in a campsite. 

Campervan Rentals

Visit our Campervan Rentals guide to book a campervan from a wide variety of companies.

Buying a Campervan

For longer trips, many backpackers decide to buy a campervan and sell at the end of their trip.  This gives them the flexibility to plan a longer trip, see more and not worry about weekly rental costs.  Check out the main 'buy and sell site' in New Zealand - Trademe.