New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand Visa Requirements

To visit New Zealand your passport must be valid for 3 months after the date that you intend to leave. You also need to have an onward/return ticket to a country where you’ve permission to enter.

British Citizens don’t need a visa or visitor permit and can stay for up to 6 months.

Australian Citizens don't require a visitor permit when travelling to New Zealand.

Passport holders from the following countries don’t require a visitor visa or permit, and can visit New Zealand for up to 3 months:


Andorra Hungary Poland
Argentina Iceland * Portugal
Austria Ireland Qatar
Bahrain Israel Romania
Belgium Italy San Marino
Brazil Japan Saudi Arabia
Brunei South Korea Singapore
Bulgaria Kuwait Slovak Republic
Canada * Latvia Solvenia
Chile Liechtenstein South Africa
Cyprus * Lithuania Spain
Czech Republic Luxembourg Sweden
Denmark Malaysia Switzerland
* Estonia Malta United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Finland Mexico Uruguay
France Monaco * USA
Germany Netherlands Uruguay
* Greece Norway Vatican City
* Hong Kong Oman  










* Residents from these countries should read more details on their New Zealand visa allowance on the New Zealand Immigration website.

Working Holiday Visa

Citizens and passport holders from the following countries are entitled to work in New Zealand under the Working Holiday Scheme:

Argentina Estonia Korea
Singapore Belgium Finalnd
Latvia Sweden Brazil
France Malaysia Taiwan
Canada Germany Malta
Thailand Chile Hong Kong
Mexico United Kingdom * China
Ireland Netherlands USA
Czech Republic Italy Norway
Uruguay Denmark Japan

Most countries listed in the above table are able to apply online. Please visit the New Zealand Immigration Working Holiday Schemes page for full details on applying for a Working Holiday Visa.

New Zealand Immigration - Types Of Visa

Working temporarily in NZ - the criteria to apply includes:


Working and living in NZ permanently - the criteria to apply includes:

  • A skilled worker who meet a points threshold (140) will be automatically picked from the 'pool of applicants' every two weeks and be invited to apply for a visa. After 140 points, the next highest points are picked out.Skilled Migrant Category.
  • A person already already on a 'Work to Residence visa' and who now wants to apply for permanent residence - Work to Residence Category
  • A person who wants to move to New Zealand to be with their partner - Family Partnership Category

Already in New Zealand

  • If you are already in New Zealand and are wishing to change your visa (e.g. apply for a permanent residency visa) there are a number of different entry paths. Keep up to date with the latest information on this page of the NZ Immigration website.