Auckland Parking

Auckland Transport and a few private operators manage the parking around Auckland. We've put together a guide of parking options concentrating primarily around the downtown area.  Visit Auckland Transport Parking and our Park and Ride Guide for the latest information.

Downtown Parking

The following car park options are all located in the Auckland downtown area (CBD): Car parks are open seven days a week for long hours.  Casual rates start at $4 per hour Monday to Friday with some car parks offering flat rates for evening parking.  Monthly parking is also available.
  • The Civic Car Park - Multi-story car park right under Aotea Square. The entrance is from Greys Ave or Mayoral Drive. 
  • Downtown Car Park - Multi-story car park on 31 Customs Street West. Situated on the corner of Lower Hobson Street and Customs Street West. 
  • Victoria Street Car Park - 30 Kitchener Street. Situated on the corner of Victoria Street East and Kitchener Street). 
  • Fanshawe Street Car Park - 72 - 100 Fanshawe Street (just before the Nelson St and Fanshawe St intersection).  
  • Upper Queen Street - 20 Upper Queen Street (opposite Cross Street)
Parking Payment

You can use credit cards for the pay by plate machines located in paid parking areas.  To pay for parking, you enter the vehicle licence plate number and pay for the amount of time you want to park.  You do not receive a paper ticket, so there is no ticket to display in your vehicle.

Online Parking Account

You can pay for parking with an online account by registering with AT Park.  Once set up, you can use the AT Park app, AT website or text (SMS) to start and stop a parking session.  Find out how to register and use AT Park

Wilson Parking
Wilson is a private operator with over 45 parking options around the CBD, although some are for permanent parking.  The parking tends to be $3 for 30 minutes.  View the Wilson Parking Map to view all their parking options. 
  • 85 Custom Street. Open Monday to Fridays, from 6.00am. 30 minutes - $2.00 / 1 hour - 7.00 / 2 hours - $16.00 / 3 hours - $25 / 12 Hours max - $30.00
  • 38 Albert Street. Early Bird Parking $ 13.00. 30 Mins - 3.50 / 1 hour - $7.00 / 2 Hours - $14.00 / 12 Hours max - $21.00 / 24 Hours max - $26.00
Disabled Parking
To locate the disabled parking available around Auckland, please view the parking map provided by Auckland Transport. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Auckland Transport AT has installed EV chargers at Council owned carparks around the city.  EVRoam is a live database of EV charging infastructure. This lets EV drivers know the charger location and availability.  For chargers with automated data, it also shows if the charger is available to use or in use. This means drivers can confidently plan their journey.