New Zealand Car Rentals

New Zealand is well set up to explore by road. Once you go beyond the cities, you’ll enjoy the quiet open roads that come from a country that’s bigger than the UK but has a population of just under 4.5 million.

The roads are generally of a very high standard with all main routes well signposted.  As you tour the country you might also come across flocks of sheep, slow-moving farm equipment and monstrous logging trucks, which can take longer to pass without the abundance of passing lanes.

Owning a current driver’s license from your own country or an international driving permit, entitles you legally drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months. You’ll need to carry a translated copy of your driving license or permit if it isn’t in English. Visit Land Transport NZ 
If you're driving your own vehicle, it’s worth investigation to see if the New Zealand Automobile Association has reciprocal rights with motoring organizations from your own country to see if you qualify for their cover. Alternatively, you can join as an overseas visitor.
Travel Information
Refer to the Transit New Zealand website for nationwide information on New Zealand roads. For up to date information on South Island roads you can also call toll free 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49). 
Car Rentals
JUCY  0800 399 736
Altenative Rental Cars 09 373 3822
Devine Rentals 0508 338 463
Omega Rental Cars 0800 52 52 10
Avis 0800 284 722
Hertz 0800 654 321
NZ Car Rental 0800 22 29 29
Europcar 0800 800 115

Quick Driving Facts

To rent a car you need to 21 or older

You drive on the left with similar rules to the UK, Australia and the US

Drivers need to give way to all traffic approaching from your right. 

The speed limit is 100km per hour on the open roads. It’s 70km or 50km per hour in built up areas

Parking facing oncoming traffic is illegal. Drivers must park in the same direction of their travelling.

Random breath tests have been introduced and offenders are dealt with severely

Unleaded, super unleaded and diesel are available. In larger towns, petrol stations are open 24hr.